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X-Shaped Table Bench Desk Legs Retro Industrial Design Fully Welded
X marks the spot for cutting-edge design with these industrial-inspired X-shaped table legs from Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from thick, black-coated sturdy steel, these table legs can handle loads up to 300 kilogrammes—just in time for holiday tables laden down with food. Fully welded with..
Deal NZ$389.80 (Was NZ$393.95)
Trapezium-Shaped Table Bench Desk Legs Retro Industrial Design Fully Welded
Stark geometry creates a striking design in these trapezium-shaped black table legs from Randy & Travis Machinery. Wide at the bottom, tapering to a narrow top, these are perfect underneath a minimalist table, bench, or coffee table. Their industrial-retro vibe makes them a perfect foil for Mid-Cent..
Deal NZ$369.58 (Was NZ$403.95)
Square-Shaped Table Bench Desk Legs Retro Industrial Design Fully Welded
When you can't get enough of trendy industrial design, these steel table legs from Randy & Travis Machinery are just the ticket. Designed in a rectangular box shape, their clean lines look great underneath vintage mid-century or even today's contemporary tables. Crafted from black-coated sturdy s..
Deal: NZ$391.95
18" Square Metal Fire Pit Outdoor Heater
This versatile fire pit doubles as an outdoor patio garden stove or barbeque fireplace brazier!   This attractive square fire pit is a must for any backyard or patio. You'll draw a crowd when you throw on mouth-watering steaks and delicious kabobs on this metal fire pit. Your gatherings will b..
Deal NZ$384.18 (Was NZ$412.95)
Ergonomic Office Kneeling Chair
  If you work in an office for long hours at a time, you know that the pressure on your back, neck, shoulders and hips can be uncomfortable or even unbearable. The Ergonomic Office Kneeling Chair was specifically designed as a solution to alleviate just that type of unpleasant and unhealthy press..
Deal: NZ$301.95
4m Inflatable Air Track Gym Tumbling Mat with Pump
Whether you need a soft, forgiving gym mat to train for gymnastics, yoga, or another sport—or you just want a soft spot to hang out on the floor while you watch TV or picnic outside, this inflatable gym mat from Randy & Travis Machinery must make your wish list this year. Crafted from sturdy double-..
Deal NZ$657.19 (Was NZ$724.95)
19PC Resistance Exercise Fitness Bands Tubes Kit Yoga Set
For an exceptional, all-around alternative to weight training, consider our 19-Piece Resistance Exercise Bands Set. A nearly endless variety of exercises is possible, exercises which will work every major muscle group of the body. They're great for athletes, injury rehabilitation, or just individual..
Deal NZ$157.23 (Was NZ$172.95)
12 Tiles EVA Fitness Home Yoga Gym Interlocking Floor Puzzle Mat - Wood Colour
Use our fantastic interlocking floor mat set and you'll work out in comfort with no worries about damaging the floor! This tough and sturdy floor mat set has long-lasting durability. The floor mats are light in weight and easy to transport. You can instantly turn anywhere you go into your priva..
Deal NZ$240.37 (Was NZ$228.95)
Super Resistance Loop Band Workout Set
Discover the one sports accessories that can improve your speed and ability and increase your total body strength all at the same time. Any workout routine will benefit with the addition of this total body sports accessory. The power loop band fitness set will put you on the way to total body fit..
Deal NZ$150.49 (Was NZ$164.95)
Massage Acupressure Yoga Mat With Pillow Sit Mats Cut Pain Stress Soreness
If stress is a major factor in your life, the Massage Acupressure Yoga Mat and matching pillow set from Randy & Travis Machinery is your new nirvana. Studded with soft acupressure ‘fingers', this mat reduces muscle tension in your upper body while stimulating circulation—and even your metabolism. Te..
Deal NZ$158.36 (Was NZ$144.95)
Birch Wood Gymnastic Rings
Build your core strength and tone your upper body to perfection. Gymnastic rings activate your muscles in a coordinated way. The flexibility of gym straps allow you to focus on specific areas. This means you can develop the muscle mass and definition you want. Combining push ups, pull ups, dips, row..
Deal NZ$138.13 (Was NZ$127.95)
400Kg Salvage Strong Recovery Magnet Neodymium Hook Treasure Hunting Fishing
 Are you an avid treasure hunter that needs a strong magnet to find and pull your finds from the earth or water? If so, you need to take a look at this neodymium recovery magnet from Randy & Travis Machinery. With a 400-kilogramme pulling capacity, this powerful magnet is your key to salvaging useab..
Deal NZ$177.46 (Was NZ$171.95)
13PC Kinetic Fitness Exercise Resistance Leg Bands Tubes Set
Our 13-Piece Leg Resistance Exercise Bands Set has everything you need for a terrific workout that will work every part of your legs, from thighs to calves. It's a great alternative to free weights, and you can mix and match a variety of colour-coded resistance bands to get just the right workout fo..
Deal NZ$124.65 (Was NZ$119.95)
60cm Black Tree of Life Wall Art Hanging Metal Iron Sculpture Garden
This large Tree of Life metal iron wall hanging from Randy & Travis Machinery will look perfect in your home or garden. 60 centimetres in diameter, this piece of art will become the focal point of whatever room you place it in. Crafted from black metal, this stunning wall sculpture will stand out..
Deal: NZ$202.95
80cm Round Wall Mirror Bathroom Makeup Mirror by Della Francesca - Black
Looking for a sleek, contemporary look for your foyer, living room, bedroom, dining room, or even office? This stunning round mirror from Della Francesca is the perfect solution. With its minimalist black frame and incredible clarity, this mirror will create instant visual pop in any room. Whether y..
Deal NZ$317.89 (Was NZ$311.95)
Professional Doorway Chin Pull Up Gym Excercise Bar
The Doorway Pull-Up Bar has the power to turn any standard doorway into a personal gym for your upper body.    This piece of equipment is designed for chin-ups and pull-ups, which are great exercises for your abs, back, arms, and chest. There are several different padded grips and positions so..
Deal NZ$143.75 (Was NZ$139.95)
90cm Round Wall Mirror Bathroom Makeup Mirror by Della Francesca - Black
Looking for a sleek, contemporary look for your foyer, living room, bedroom, dining room, or even office? This stunning round mirror from Della Francesca is the perfect solution. With its minimalist black frame and incredible clarity, this mirror will create instant visual pop in any room. Whether y..
Deal NZ$344.86 (Was NZ$365.95)
Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Adjustable Fits 2 Screens Up To 27"
Whether you use dual screens for collaboration or simply to have more online research power, it helps to have a dual desktop mount stand at your workstation. This heavy-duty dual screen mounting stand by Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect solution. Compatible with screens measuring up to 27 ..
Deal: NZ$174.95
Electric Heated Bathroom Towel Rack / Rails -100w
DELLA FRANCESCA brings you this fantastic Electric Heated Towel Rack in a stainless steel finish - a must for every Bathroom! Picture this: you step out of the shower to find it's a bit chilly in the bathroom, your towel is still a bit wet/damp from your last shower and you're craving a dry warm ..
Deal NZ$361.71 (Was NZ$345.95)
Ergonomic Mesh PU Leather Office Chair
Perfect for the office or home office, the Black Executive Mesh Office Chair makes a world of difference for long sessions sitting at the desk. And it's got the smart, modern styling and uncommon comfort you're looking for in an office chair.   This office chair comes to us from Salvatore Ange..
Deal NZ$395.42 (Was NZ$374.95)
835x505mm Handmade 1.5mm Stainless Steel Sink with Square Waste
Renovating your kitchen? We've got what you need with the 50/50 Double Square Cube Stainless Steel Sink. This modern sink with beautiful stainless steel is the easy way to transform your kitchen without spending a fortune.  This double sink is made from 1.5mm-thick Type 304 stainless steel with a..
Deal NZ$853.80 (Was NZ$812.95)
Scooter Moped Surfboard Rack
This sturdy and attractive scooter / moped accessory is a safe and convenient way to transport your surfboard! This versatile accessory will save you time and headaches. Tote your surfboard safely and conveniently to the beach on your moped or scooter. This handy accessory mounts easily to most m..
Deal NZ$256.10 (Was NZ$243.95)
Tree Bookshelf Bookcase Book Organizer 9-Tier Multipurpose Shelf Display Racks
For a strikingly contemporary way to display your book collection or other prized collectables, this angled set of bookshelves from Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect choice. With nine tiers of display shelves set at asymmetric angles from each other, this piece can become the focal point of a ..
Deal: NZ$193.95
Indoor Magnetic Bicycle Trainer Fitness Bike Resistance Cycling Training Stand
This great exercise bike trainer is a must-have for any home gym!   Our great exercise bike endurance trainer is the gift that keeps on giving for all you fitness enthusiasts. You don't have to wait for the gym to open or for a personal trainer to instruct you – this great fitness enhancer is ..
Deal: NZ$325.95