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Roof Access Hatch 600mm x 600mm
100% Roofing-Grade 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hatch which is specifically designed as a sturdy and economical option for situations where occasional roof access is required, such as servicing of Air Conditioners and Solar Panels etc.  This is the ideal roof access solution for residential applicat..
Deal NZ$617.07 (Was NZ$593.70)
Skylight Roof Window 800x500 - Tile or Corrugated Roof
Polycarbonate Roof Window For do-it-yourself enthusiasts or professional contractors, installing a polycarbonate roof window can make a dramatic difference in any room of the home, flooding the space with beautiful and natural light. We're proud to offer a complete roof window kit with our Polyca..
Deal: NZ$637.82
Gymnastics Horizontal Bars Pull/Chin Up
Gymnasts will want this horizontal bar by Randy & Travis Machinery to practice on when they're at home. Easily moved and stored, this horizontal bar will also serve other athletes well as portable equipment on which to perform chin-ups. Well-constructed of heavy-duty steel and wood with a stainle..
Deal: NZ$664.46
1200KG Double Swing Auto Motor Remote Gate Opener
Extreme 1200KG lift, Die Casting Aluminium Housing and move 6m of Gate! Ultra-powerful and full of sophisticated design features, the Double Swing Gate Opener is your premium choice for convenient and safe gate operation for businesses and residences. And there are so many reasons why. This pr..
Deal: NZ$1,074.41
2x Folding Camping Arm Chairs Portable Outdoor Garden Fishing Tourer
Outdoor fun demands comfortable seating whether you're out camping or entertaining friends in your backyard. This superb touring armchair by Randy & Travis Machinery is all you need to give yourself the ideal spot to relax and watch nature go by. The perfect poolside seating solution, this chair fea..
Deal NZ$195.34 (Was NZ$181.38)
Wooden Beekeeping Beehive House + 7PCS Upgraded Auto Flow Bee Comb Hive Frames
Whether you're a newbie beekeeper or have maintained hives for years, this FIR wood beehive makes the perfect home for your winged friends. With no special processing equipment required, it's an excellent choice for first-timers. No worries if you don't have time for extensive cleaning, centrifuging..
Deal: NZ$608.74
Kayak Canoe Car Roof Rack
Transport your kayak or canoe safely and conveniently! This attractive black rack will allow you to safely and easily transport your kayak or canoe on the roof of your vehicle. Our roof mount rack features a sturdy aluminium and rubber frame that is capable of toting any size kayak or canoe. Once..
Deal NZ$171.99 (Was NZ$164.11)
458 Litre Large Car Cargo Travel Rain Proof Roof Top Bag Storage Carrier Box
If you're travelling during the summer holidays, this waterproof 458-litre car rooftop storage bag from Randy & Travis Machinery will be an indispensable accessory for carrying everything you need for your family. Its universal size allows it to fit most cars with open roof rails since it fits direc..
Deal NZ$124.48 (Was NZ$117.00)
Potty Toilet Trainer - Bathroom Training Toddler Kids
When it's time to toilet train your little one, this toddler-sized lifelike training toilet from Randy & Travis Machinery will make him or her feel like a big kid. A realistic design of an adult toilet, this special potty will make your child feel proud to have a toilet all their own. Potty time ..
Deal NZ$147.24 (Was NZ$137.07)
Agility Ladder Indoor Outdoor Fitness
If you want to get in shape or cross-train for your next competition, this indoor agility ladder from Randy & Travis Machinery ticks off every box. With 16-inch openings, it allows you room to touch own, while its rubber construction keeps the ladder in place for safety. The soft rubber does double ..
Deal NZ$165.58 (Was NZ$156.43)
Baby Kids Play Mat Floor Rug 200x180x2CM Nontoxic Picnic Cushion Crawling
Let your kids learn while they play with this cushioned play mat from Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect for babies as they learn to crawl and walk, this colourful mat will cushion inevitable falls. Take it along on picnics or beach outings so your kids will have a comfortable, familiar area to play ..
Deal NZ$310.43 (Was NZ$280.97)
Premium Rigid Sports Strapping Tape - 30 Rolls of 38mm
Our Rigid Sports Strapping Tape is made from strong woven fabric and aggressive adhesive - which means fewer re-tapes and less worries about the tape coming apart or undone. After an assessment with your physiotherapist, this is ideal for: stabilise or support the injury pain-relief via a de..
Deal NZ$220.39 (Was NZ$211.53)
Butterfly Chair Folding Camping Fishing Portable Outdoor - Ridiculously Compact
Love to go caravanning or picnicking but don't like to sit on the hard ground? This black butterfly chair by Randy & Travis Machinery will provide you with the most comfortable outdoor seating that you've ever enjoyed. Its lightweight construction allows you to carry it easily everywhere you go—s..
Deal NZ$72.92 (Was NZ$68.21)
430x455mm Handmade 1.5mm Stainless Steel Sink with Square Waste
Renovating your kitchen? We've got what you need with this Stainless Steel Sink. This modern sink with beautiful stainless steel is the easy way to transform your kitchen without spending a fortune. It's also great for laundry rooms. This single sink is made from 1.5mm-thick Type 304 stainless st..
Deal: NZ$421.22
Adult Snorkelling Swimming Diving Mask & Snorkel - Quality Tempered Glass
Enjoy the beauty and wonders of tropical waters with these great diving masks and snorkels! Do your laps or explore the splendor of the coral reefs in safety and in comfort. Whether you are surface swimming or diving underwater our fantastic masks have a splash guards that keep the water out and ..
Deal NZ$60.42 (Was NZ$55.52)
Giant Unicorn Fancy Dress Inflatable Suit -Fan Operated Costume
Giant Unicorn Inflatable Fan-Operated Costume Stand out from the crowd with our Giant Unicorn Design Inflatable Fan-Operated Costume. The size of your costume will be impressive, but your effort in hauling it around will not be. Our suit is constructed with a lightweight variant of polyester a..
Deal NZ$106.87 (Was NZ$100.75)
230mm 9" Cutting Disc Wheel for Angle Grinder x25
What do you need in a cutting disc wheel? Toughness, period. And with the 230mm 9" Cutting Disc Wheel, Randy & Travis Machinery has made an incredibly tough wheel that will stand up to anything you can throw at it, on the job site or at home. Randy & Travis Machinery is a premier supplier of powe..
Deal NZ$128.40 (Was NZ$120.45)
Bathroom Ceramic Above Counter-top Basin for Vanity
Brighten any bathroom with this stylish Ceramic Above-Countertop Basin from Della Francesca. This basin will be an elegant yet affordable addition to any bathroom. This lovely designer ceramic above-countertop basin for the vanity is ideal for the individual bathroom renovation or for the housing..
Deal NZ$229.41 (Was NZ$213.44)
230mm 9" Cutting Disc Wheel for Angle Grinder x50
What do you need in a cutting disc wheel? Toughness, period. And with the 230mm 9" Cutting Disc Wheel, Randy & Travis Machinery has made an incredibly tough wheel that will stand up to anything you can throw at it, on the job site or at home. Randy & Travis Machinery is a premier supplier of powe..
Deal NZ$216.63 (Was NZ$204.06)
Chrome Bathroom Shower Wall Mixer Diverter w/ WaterMark
  Description: Renovate your bathroom with our stylish and economic Shower Diverter! If you are looking for an attractive, ultramodern and efficient addition to your bathroom, our common oval shower diverter may be just for you. And our cost is reasonable. This accessory is ideal for contra..
Deal NZ$115.97 (Was NZ$125.97)
20 x Stainless Wire Rope Balustrade Kit
Stainless steel DIY wire rope balustrade kits.   Each handy kit contains 20 packs with both stainless lag eye screws and stainless jaw/swage fork terminal screws. Both the jaw and swage bottlescrew turnbuckle are 5mm x 1/8” (3.2mm). These screws are both connected to timber posts with M6 x 55m..
Deal: NZ$297.33
230mm 9" Cutting Disc Wheel for Angle Grinder x100
What do you need in a cutting disc wheel? Toughness, period. And with the 230mm 9" Cutting Disc Wheel, Randy & Travis Machinery has made an incredibly tough wheel that will stand up to anything you can throw at it, on the job site or at home. Randy & Travis Machinery is a premier supplier of powe..
Deal NZ$394.28 (Was NZ$372.46)
Bird Spikes - Polycarbonate zig-zag 10 metre bundle
The loveliest property can be ruined by bothersome pigeons perching on its ledges or fences. Who wants a roof or windowsill coated in bird droppings? With Bird Spikes, you can finally rid your home of pesky birds! Whether your neighborhood suffers from light or heavy bird infestation, these Anti-..
Deal NZ$146.13 (Was NZ$151.67)
Whoopie One Size Fits all Adults Costume
Delight your friends at a holiday gathering or masquerade party with this hilarious Whoopie Cushion costume. Your favourite gag comes to life! The comical Whoopie Cushion costume is a one piece outfit made from poly foam. The top is open above the head and there is a large cut out for the face an..
Deal NZ$67.64 (Was NZ$67.34)