Roof & Attic

One Way Mirror Privacy Reflection Window Tint Film STOP HEAT 24Ft x 2Ft
Specifications: Thickness: 0.05(mm) Size: 732cm x 60cm (24Ft x 2Ft) - approx. Color: Silver Type: One Way Mirror Reduce glare, sun block effect. Help save energy costs and keep your rooms or offices cooler. Creative a daytime privacy space.   How to use: Tear protecti..
Deal: NZ$131.95
Roof Access Hatch 600mm x 600mm
100% Roofing-Grade 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hatch which is specifically designed as a sturdy and economical option for situations where occasional roof access is required, such as servicing of Air Conditioners and Solar Panels etc.  This is the ideal roof access solution for residential applicat..
Deal: NZ$642.95
Skylight Roof Window 800x500 - Tile or Corrugated Roof
Polycarbonate Roof Window For do-it-yourself enthusiasts or professional contractors, installing a polycarbonate roof window can make a dramatic difference in any room of the home, flooding the space with beautiful and natural light. We're proud to offer a complete roof window kit with our Polyca..
Out of Stock: NZ$686.95
Solar Skylight 15 Watt LED Round 300mm
This Solar Skylight is perfect for those rooms that are dark during the day. It will operate using energy from the solar panel (supplied) as long as there is sunlight. Save on your energy bills! In addition there is a 240v backup plug supplied so the Skylight can be used at night. Specificat..
Out of Stock: NZ$358.95
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