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Foldable Exercise Mat Gymnastics Martial Arts Yoga Karate Judo
Anyone involved in high-impact exercise and competition activities, look no further. We've got just what you need with the Gymnastics and Martial Arts Folding Mat. This mat - alone or in combination with identical mats - is terrific for activities ranging from MMA and martial arts to kids play ac..
Deal: NZ$457.95
Foldable Exercise Mat Gymnastics Martial Arts Yoga Karate Judo
Anyone involved in high-impact exercise and competition activities, look no further. We've got just what you need with the Gymnastics and Martial Arts Folding Mat. This mat - alone or in combination with identical mats - is terrific for activities ranging from MMA and martial arts to kids activit..
Deal NZ$481.93 (Was NZ$457.95)
Mini Rebounder Trampoline With Handle Rail
A convenient way to get in shape without ever leaving your home, this mini-rebounder trampoline from Randy & Travis Machinery gives you a low-impact workout that will burn off calories and get your heart pumping. Enjoy better fitness while you watch TV, listen to your favourite music, or just gaze o..
Deal: NZ$271.95
Slant Board Calf Stretcher as used in the Egoscue Method
If you're an athlete wanting to push your stretches to the max, or if you suffer from tight calf muscles, you need this slanted calf stretcher board by Randy & Travis Machinery. Adjustable to four angles, it takes you from beginner to extreme as you build your flexibility. Even better, it's designed..
Deal: NZ$171.95
Slant Board Adjustable Stretching Ankle Calf Incline Stretch Slip Resistant
When you do calf stretches, you need a slant board that can hold your weight easily without worrying about breakage. With this tough iron incline board by Randy & Travis Machinery, you needn't worry about injury from breakage. With a non-slip surface, you have plenty of room for both feet, allowing ..
Deal: NZ$162.95
4m Inflatable Air Track Gym Tumbling Mat with Pump
Whether you need a soft, forgiving gym mat to train for gymnastics, yoga, or another sport—or you just want a soft spot to hang out on the floor while you watch TV or picnic outside, this inflatable gym mat from Randy & Travis Machinery must make your wish list this year. Crafted from sturdy double-..
Deal NZ$657.19 (Was NZ$724.95)
120x60x35cm Foldable Soft Incline Gymnastics Mat Wedge Yoga Gym Balance Training
If you practice yoga, gymnastics, or just want to stay in shape, you need this foldable soft incline gymnastics/yoga wedge mat from Randy & Travis Machinery. For balance training or working against gravity with its inclined surface, this wedge ramp mat is as versatile a piece of equipment as you cou..
Deal NZ$566.19 (Was NZ$524.95)
19PC Resistance Exercise Fitness Bands Tubes Kit Yoga Set
For an exceptional, all-around alternative to weight training, consider our 19-Piece Resistance Exercise Bands Set. A nearly endless variety of exercises is possible, exercises which will work every major muscle group of the body. They're great for athletes, injury rehabilitation, or just individual..
Deal NZ$157.23 (Was NZ$172.95)
Super Resistance Loop Band Workout Set
Discover the one sports accessories that can improve your speed and ability and increase your total body strength all at the same time. Any workout routine will benefit with the addition of this total body sports accessory. The power loop band fitness set will put you on the way to total body fit..
Deal NZ$150.49 (Was NZ$164.95)
2x ECO-Friendly Cork Yoga Block Organic Yoga Prop Accessory Exercise Brick
Training your balance for yoga, ballet, or another sport? This sturdy cork yoga block from Randy & Travis Machinery is just what you need for your next workout. In eco-friendly, 100% natural cork, this exercise brick will stay put with its non-slip surface. Smooth, rounded edges provide comfort unde..
Deal: NZ$116.95
Massage Acupressure Yoga Mat With Pillow Sit Mats Cut Pain Stress Soreness
If stress is a major factor in your life, the Massage Acupressure Yoga Mat and matching pillow set from Randy & Travis Machinery is your new nirvana. Studded with soft acupressure ‘fingers', this mat reduces muscle tension in your upper body while stimulating circulation—and even your metabolism. Te..
Deal NZ$158.36 (Was NZ$144.95)
Eyelet Hanging Exercise Mat
Never leave your exercise mat out again with this hangable exercise mat from Randy & Travis Machinery. Use it for yoga, general fitness exercises, or Pilates at home or at the gym, and then hang it up with its convenient eyelet holes when you're done. Stretch before and after you play your favourite..
Deal NZ$154.99 (Was NZ$147.95)
Adjustable Abdominal Crunch Sit Up Bench
Enjoy the comfort, full support and versatility of the amazing Ab Crunch Sit-up Bench right in your own home! This must-have fitness enhancement features a fully adjustable, longer than average and wider than average plank. This generous plank allows you to adjust the incline of your bench for gr..
Deal: NZ$277.95
Yoga Balance Trainer Exercise Ball for Arm, Leg, Core Workout with Pump, 2 Resistance Bands
When you're trying to get fit, you need the right equipment to get you on the road to a perfectly toned body. This fantastic balance half-ball by Randy & Travis Machinery is perfect for a variety of exercises, including yoga, Pilates, and other stability- and balance-related workouts. It's also a gr..
Deal: NZ$223.95
Balance Board Trainer with Stopper Wobble Roller
If you need to work on your balance, stability, and coordination to cross-train for your favourite sport or simply to get in better shape, you need this balance board trainer by Randy & Travis Machinery. Built to last, this rolling balance board can hold up to 400 pounds, yet features a cushioned su..
Deal: NZ$235.95
13PC Kinetic Fitness Exercise Resistance Leg Bands Tubes Set
Our 13-Piece Leg Resistance Exercise Bands Set has everything you need for a terrific workout that will work every part of your legs, from thighs to calves. It's a great alternative to free weights, and you can mix and match a variety of colour-coded resistance bands to get just the right workout fo..
Deal NZ$124.65 (Was NZ$119.95)
Kids Gymnastics Bars Training Horizontal Bar Monkey Kip Bar Pink
If you have a young gymnast in your home, they'll simply love this adjustable-height horizontal bar by Randy & Travis Machinery. They can practice to their hearts' content – and when they're done for the day, simply fold it up and store it away from sight. Its adjustable height makes it perfect for ..
Deal: NZ$252.95
160cm Diameter Exercise Mat for Dancing Pole
This pole dancing mat is specially developed for pole dancers, ideal for home use, gym or travelling instructors. Easy to put on and remove in seconds. With Velcro to hold the pieces together, it provides perfect protection for advanced tricks like inverts when you need it most. Features: M..
Deal NZ$488.67 (Was NZ$463.95)
Wooden Parallette Bars Push Up & Dip Workouts
With these short wooden parallettes from Randy & Travis Machinery, you'll be pushing the envelope on your push-ups and handstands. For strength training for any sport where chest, shoulder, and triceps strength are key elements of success, these parallettes will be indispensable. With a wide base..
Deal: NZ$215.95
Acupressure Yoga Health Fitness Mat - Kung Fu Pilates Acupuncture
If you want to feel stronger, be healthier and have more energy our new acupressure/nail mat is just what you need! No matter the nature of your workout or health need - acupressure, kung fu, yoga and other health and sports pursuits - this attractive greenmat will help you attain your goals. ..
Deal NZ$125.78 (Was NZ$124.95)
8mm TPE Yoga Mat Exercise Fitness Gym Pilates Non Slip Dual Layer
Get started on your fitness journey now with this comfortable, non-slip yoga mat by Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from eco-friendly TPE, this dual-layer mat contains no PVC or any other harmful chemicals. Latex- and rubber-free, this mat is the ideal choice for those with allergies. With no odou..
Deal NZ$140.38 (Was NZ$130.95)
Resistance Band Loop Set of 5 Heavy Duty Gym Yoga Workout
If you're looking for a great workout you can do at home, look no further than this set of heavy-duty resistance bands by Randy & Travis Machinery. Whether you use them to build flexibility to cross-train for another sport, as part of your yoga workout, or to enhance your coordination and balance, t..
Deal: NZ$127.95
Yoga Pilates Wheel Cork Circle Prop Back Chest Hips Abdomen Stretch Roller
Was one of your New Year's resolutions to work out more? With this cork yoga wheel from Randy & Travis Machinery, you can escape the drudgery and have fun while you're working practically every muscle group in your body. This circular stretch roller works your back, shoulders, chest, abs, and hip..
Deal: NZ$142.95
Abdominal Pad Sit Up Core Strength Trainer Mat
Enjoy comfort and ultimate support while you work those abs and strengthen your core muscle groups!   Our high-quality contoured cross-fit exercise mat is made of the highest quality material and designed to give you the optimum support and comfort during your workout. The ergonomically contou..
Deal NZ$108.92 (Was NZ$99.95)