120pc Wooden Clothes Hangers Coat Pant Suit Coathangers Rack Wardrobe Wood
Whether you own a clothing store or simply want to reorganise your wardrobe with top-quality clothes hangers, this set of 120 matching wooden clothes hangers from Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect solution. Crafted from fine hardwood, and coated with lacquer, these durable clothes hangers coul..
Deal: NZ$409.95
Hand Knitted Chunky Blanket Thick Acrylic Yarn Blanket Home Decor Throw Rug - Grey
Take the chill off those autumn and winter evenings with this comfy hand-knitted throw. Crafted from thick, warm yarn in a gorgeous smoky grey, it will blend in beautifully with almost any colour scheme. And, draped casually over a sofa, chair, or bed, it lends a cosy, homespun vibe to whatever room..
Deal: NZ$185.95
40pcs Studio Acoustic Foam Sound Absorbtion Proofing Panels Tiles Wedge 30X30CM
If you have a home theatre or just love good music, acoustic foam is a must for improving the listening and playing experience. These acoustic foam tiles by Randy & Travis Machinery dampen echo and reduce reverberation, improving the sound quality in the room. Not only are they a must for making mus..
Deal: NZ$230.95
Quick Release Soft Close Toilet Seat White Bathroom Heavy Duty
How many times have you told the kiddies, ‘Don't slam the toilet seat down!' With this soft-close toilet seat from Randy & Travis Machinery, you can save your vocal cords for more important things. With its quiet, slow-closing seat mechanism, your toilet seat will close gently, preventing premature ..
Deal: NZ$134.95
Wedge Elevation Pillow Cool Gel Memory Foam Leg Raiser Support Cushion
Relax in pure comfort with this body-conforming memory foam pillow by Randy & Travis Machinery. As versatile as it is comfortable, it works equally well to elevate your upper body or your legs. For your upper body, it helps relieve pressure, keeping your spine and neck aligned and your head fully su..
Deal: NZ$174.95
Ultrasonic Multi Purpose Sonic Wave Jewellery Cleaner
Clean and shine your Jewellery to a professional, sparkling finish in the convenience of your home. When it comes to cleaning your fine Jewellery, take advantage of the unharnessed power that ultrasonic waves can provide. Our ultrasonic Jewellery cleaner is a unique and cost effective way to add ..
Deal: NZ$151.95
Kids Toilet Ladder Toddler Potty Training Seat
This terrific step-up potty seat and non-slip trainer will be a great help as your child transitions from baby to toddler.  This toilet trainer will take the stress off mother and child alike. Your baby will enjoy the feeling of independence as they learn to use the potty by themselves.  Your ..
Deal: NZ$133.95
Adult 16.5" Rose Gold Shiny Metal Wire Coat Suit Top Clothes Hangers (60pc per set)
Organising your wardrobe? Do it in style with a set of these gorgeous rose gold hangers by Randy & Travis Machinery. With 60 hangers in all, you'll give your wardrobe a uniform, modern look. Crafted from durable metal with rose gold plating, these hangers are tough enough to hold even the heaviest p..
Deal: NZ$189.95
Modern Wall Clock Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Battery Operated Rose Gold
Contemporary and striking in looks, this rose gold wall clock from Randy & Travis Machinery will be a stunning addition to your home, office, or school's wall décor. With Arabic numerals in an ultra-modern font, you'll be able to see the time easily from wherever you are in the room. Its trendy rose..
Deal: NZ$108.95
Natural Soy Wax Candle Making Supplies Crafts [ 5kg ]
If you love making candles, this natural soy wax from Randy & Travis Machinery is the secret ingredient for perfect candles every time. This wax contains nothing but pure soy wax crafted from soy compound and hydrogenated soy oil — just straight from nature without any wax hardeners or other types o..
Deal: NZ$157.95
Potty Toilet Trainer - Bathroom Training Toddler Kids
When it's time to toilet train your little one, this toddler-sized lifelike training toilet from Randy & Travis Machinery will make him or her feel like a big kid. A realistic design of an adult toilet, this special potty will make your child feel proud to have a toilet all their own. Potty time ..
Deal NZ$180.75 (Was NZ$186.95)
Cool Gel Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow Cushion Neck Back Support Sleep with Cover
Get better sleep without the backache with this cool gel wedge pillow from Randy & Travis Machinery. Made with body-conforming memory foam, this wedge-shaped pillow places you at the perfect angle to take pressure off your back, allowing you to relax and get a good night's sleep every night of the w..
Deal: NZ$186.95
Hand Knitted Chunky Blanket Thick Acrylic Yarn Blanket Home Decor Throw Rug - Pink
Take the chill off those autumn and winter evenings with this comfy hand-knitted throw. Crafted from thick, warm yarn in a gorgeous pink, it will blend in beautifully with almost any colour scheme. And, draped casually over a sofa, chair, or bed, it lends a cosy, homespun vibe to whatever room it's ..
Deal NZ$195.09 (Was NZ$185.95)
10x Strong Rare Earth N38 Neodymium Magnetic Hanger Holder 10kg Magnet Hooks
Whether you're a commercial establishment hanging merchandise for display or a homeowner who wants an efficient yet decorative wall storage solution, these heavy-duty rare-earth magnetic hooks from Randy & Travis Machinery are the perfect solution. Holding a maximum of 10kg, these attractive hooks c..
Deal: NZ$84.95
Massage Gun 4 Heads Massager Vibration Muscle Percussion Therapy Tissue
After a hard day's work or a workout at the gym or at home, there's nothing like a deep massage to get you into relaxation mode. Instead of paying out the big bucks to a therapist in a high-end spa, you can get the same results in the comfort of your own home with this percussion massage gun from Ra..
Deal NZ$145.47 (Was NZ$155.95)
Soft 15Pcs Pro Face Powder Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshader Blending Highlight Tools
If you love makeup (and who doesn't?), this professional-quality makeup brush set by Randy & Travis Machinery will go to the top of your ‘I want' list this year. Crafted from soft, premium natural and synthetic fibre with timber handles, these brushes pamper your skin as you apply your makeup every ..
Deal NZ$100.27 (Was NZ$97.95)
305mm Luminous Wall Clock Glow In The Dark Silent Quartz Indoor Home Modern Clock
If you need a see-in-the dark clock, this whisper-quiet clock by Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect solution. With its easy-to-read glowing numbers and hands, it's easy to see from anywhere in the room. Its high-precision movement ensures that it will give you the accurate time, day or night. I..
Deal NZ$122.32 (Was NZ$112.95)
10X JUMBO Vacuum Storage Bags
Store your clothing and other personal items worry free in these terrific space savers! Triple your storage space while you pack away your clothes, blanks, quilts and other personal items safely and conveniently. Our jumbo vacuum bags are the answer to your storage and space saving concerns. Al..
Deal: NZ$112.95
Glow In Dark Wall Clock Luminous Quartz Wooden Non Ticking Home Decor 12''/30cm
If you want a wall clock that will make a statement, this striking minimalist glow-in-the-dark clock by Randy & Travis Machinery is it. Featuring uber-modern number fonts showcased against its walnut veneer face, it will become the focal point of any room you hang it in. In the daytime, the coating ..
Deal NZ$104.68 (Was NZ$101.95)
Adult 16.5" Rose Gold Shiny Metal Wire Coat Suit Top Clothes Hangers (30pc per set)
There's no better time to organise your wardrobe than the present — and there's no better way to give it a clean, uncluttered look than a set of matching hangers. Upgrade your wardrobe in style with this 30-piece set of rose gold-coloured hangers by Randy & Travis Machinery. Unlike most flimsy wire ..
Deal: NZ$134.95
Vacuum Sealed Clothing Travel Bag Compact Storage x12
When you travel, you need to save space. Randy & Travis Machinery's handy vacuum bags seal your clothes into compact packages, making it possible to pack more with less room. These bags also work well when you move, requiring fewer boxes for the removalists to pack up. Use them for bedding, jewel..
Deal: NZ$113.95
20pcs Studio Acoustic Foam Corner Bass Trap Sound Absorption Treatment Proofing
If you're a musician or just like to spend your downtime in your home theatre, you know how vital the right acoustics are for a satisfying experience. Reduce excessive echo, reverberation, and sound reflection while fine-tuning the clarity of sounds with these corner bass trap acoustic tiles by Rand..
Deal: NZ$124.95
Large Vintage Wall Clock Kitchen  Office Retro Timepiece
Add a touch of vintage class to your kitchen, living room, hotel lobby, café, or dining room with this gorgeous Roman numeral clock from Randy & Travis Machinery. With its distressed, parchment-paper look, it gives your room an instant sense of gravitas.  Crafted from high-quality MDF and manufac..
Deal: NZ$103.95
180KG Bamboo Natural Personal Digital Bathroom Scale
Keeping fit requires that you keep track of your weight. Instead of a cheap plastic scale, this stunning natural bamboo bathroom scale from Randy & Travis Machinery will be an asset to your bathroom décor, not something you hide in a cabinet. With a 396-pound capacity, this scale can accommodate ..
Deal: NZ$126.95