10 Pack Solar Torch Lights 96 LED Flickering Lighting Dancing Flame Garden Lamp
Get ready for spring and summer with these gorgeous solar pathway lights from Randy & Travis Machinery. Although their warm light flickers just like real flames, they’re actually LED lights powered by the sun itself. Create an intimate atmosphere on your patio or scatter them throughout your garden ..
Deal: NZ$292.56
Paint Runner Pro Self-Contained Drip Splatter Roller
There’s nothing better to ring in the New Year than a fresh coat of paint for your home. If you’re planning a painting or touch-up project this new year, make your work go way easier with this splatter-free, drip-free paint roller from Randy & Travis Machinery. This superb microfibre paint roller wo..
Deal: NZ$55.41
4PC Boat 20 Degree Angle Fishing Pole Rod Holder Mount
For this coming fishing season, get set up for success with this set of four professional-grade rod holders from Randy & Travis Machinery. Set your hooks in an instant, thanks to its intelligent design, allowing you to hold your rod tip horizontally and fish straight down. With its V-shaped front, y..
Deal: NZ$81.59
2 x Marine Grade Stainless Steel Straight Rod Holders Flush Mount Fishing Boat
Looking forward to summer days out on the boat trying to catch the big one? Don’t forget to equip your boat with the latest equipment, including these marine-grade stainless steel rod holders from Randy & Travis Machinery. Made from 316 stainless steel, this pair of rod holders will hold up under wh..
Deal: NZ$87.11
4PC Kayak Boat Fishing Pole Rod Holder Tackle Kit  Adjustable Side Rail Mount
Get ready for the coming fishing season with this set of fishing rod holders from Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect to brace yourself and balance your rod when you hook the big one, these rod holders work equally well in a kayak as they do in a yacht. Whether you use rod holders to store your rod..
Deal: NZ$92.10
18" Square Metal Fire Pit Outdoor Heater
This versatile fire pit doubles as an outdoor patio garden stove or barbeque fireplace brazier!   This attractive square fire pit is a must for any backyard or patio. You’ll draw a crowd when you throw on mouth-watering steaks and delicious kabobs on this metal fire pit. Your gatherings will b..
Deal: NZ$353.83
Patio Deck Box Outdoor Storage Plastic Bench Box 450 Litre
The perfect spot to pause for a break on a hot summer’s day, this outdoor bench by Randy & Travis Machinery also doubles as a handy storage piece, holding .45 cubic metres of outdoor accessories. Stash your garden tools, your watering can, gloves, and fertiliser inside this lovely bench, and you’ll ..
Out of Stock: NZ$443.42
Bright Motion Detection Sensor Solar Security Light
Looking for bright outdoor light without the added maintenance or electricity costs? Look no further than the Ultra Bright Motion Detecting Solar Light. With the power of 60 bright LEDs, this cutting-edge green technology offers up brilliant lighting without adding to your electricity bill. For t..
Out of Stock: NZ$102.21