Kitchen Double Slide Pull Out Bin for Garbage Rubbish Waste 10L+20L
Tired of the rubbish bin in the corner of your kitchen? This convenient pull-out rubbish bin from Randy & Travis Machinery fits neatly inside your cabinetry, hiding your rubbish while giving you more floor space in your kitchen. This 10-litre plus 20-litre size is perfect for 300-millimetre cabin..
Deal: NZ$312.95
11pcs Kitchen Utensil Set Silicone Heat-Resistant Non-Stick Kitchen Utensils kit
Whether you're a home chef, a professional, or a beginning cook, these silicone kitchen utensils from Randy & Travis Machinery will soon become your best friends in the kitchen. With their heat-resistant silicone construction, you can use them in Teflon-coated pans with no worries about scraping the..
Deal: NZ$115.95
Air Pot for Tea Coffee 5L Pump Action Insulated Airpot Flask Drink Dispenser
Tired of lukewarm beverages at work or out on the road? Try this well-insulated five-litre airpot flask from Randy & Travis Machinery. Keep hot water hot for coffee or tea, or keep your favourite chilled beverages icy-cold for longer with this handy flask. Perfect for picnics or large outdoor gat..
Deal NZ$256.10 (Was NZ$242.95)
8L Concealed Benchtop Bin
Once installed within the benchtop, the concealed bin provides easy access and great convenience when it comes to waste disposal. This bin also allows for easy cleaning! Simply remove the bucket to empty the rubbish and rinse the bucket to clean. The removable bin and the stainless steel rim and ..
Deal: NZ$167.95
3 Tiers Food Trolley Cart Stainless Steel Utility Kitchen Dining Service
If you have a restaurant, bar, café, or club, this three-tiered stainless-steel trolley from Randy & Travis Machinery is a must-have for your business. Perfect for cleaning up tables or serving large tables, this sturdy cart can serve a wide range of uses. In addition to commercial applications, it'..
Deal: NZ$187.95
20cm Premium Tortilla Press Flat Bread Maker Taco Roti Chapati Health Food Pastry
One thing is for sure - the 2020 baking craze shows no signs of letting up. If you and your family can’t get enough of your scrumptious flatbreads, make things easy for yourself with this flatbread and pastry press by Randy & Travis Machinery. Whether you prefer Middle Eastern flatbreads, tortillas,..
Deal: NZ$106.95
68L Motion Sensor Bin Automatic Stainless Steel Kitchen Rubbish Trash - Black
Tired of the dance between the rubbish bin and the sink every time you need to throw away kitchen rubbish? With this touchless rubbish bin by Randy & Travis Machinery, you can dispose of rubbish without fear of contaminating your hands with germs. Its sleek design and striking black colour will blen..
Deal NZ$429.12 (Was NZ$410.95)
11x Kitchen Utensils for Cooking Baking Silicone Set
Update your kitchen tool set with this 13-piece set of silicone kitchen utensils by Randy & Travis Machinery. Done in subtle tones of natural wood accented with grey silicone, these utensils will look great in kitchens of any colour scheme. Or, hang them up by their built-in hooks to have them at th..
Deal: NZ$121.95
Wooden Wave Wine Rack/Creative Home Grape Wine Holder Shelf Cabinet/Bottle Rack
Store your wine collection in high style with this elegant wooden wine rack by Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this curved beauty's uber-modern profile will become the focal point of whatever room you keep it in. Whether you keep it on your kitchen's benchtops, in your ho..
Deal: NZ$135.95
Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan Set 3 Pcs Frying Pan Set
There's nothing like a cast iron frying pan to get the perfect sear on foods. That's why they're many top chefs' number one choice for cooking. This three-pan cast iron frying pan set by Randy & Travis Machinery takes these cooking classics to the next level by pre-seasoning them, allowing you to us..
Deal: NZ$154.95
Kitchen 17 Pc Knife Set w/ Block & Sharpener Chef Bread Steak Knives
If cooking is in your DNA, you won't want to miss out on this chef-quality set of 17 kitchen implements by Randy & Travis Machinery. With seven specialty knives, six steak knives, a knife sharpener, a peeler, and kitchen scissors, you'll have everything you need to create gourmet perfection every ti..
Deal: NZ$142.95
Profesional Pizza Oven Peel Paddle 90cm Wood Handle
  Proffesional Pizza Oven Peel Paddle 90cm Wood Handle   Specifications:  * Total Length 900mm * Head size 310mm x 360mm * Aluminium Head ..
Deal: NZ$121.95
164Pcs Cake Decorating Kit Turntable Rotating Baking Flower Icing Piping Nozzles
If you love to bake, this incredible 164-piece cake decorating kit from Randy & Travis Machinery must be your idea of heaven on earth. Create gorgeous gourmet cakes with professional-quality decorations – the only limit is your imagination. A rotating turntable and non-slip base make the perfect pla..
Deal NZ$121.28 (Was NZ$110.95)
51cm Strong Magnetic Wall Mounted Kitchen Knife Magnet Bar Holder Display Rack Strip
If you're a chef—or just want to cook like one, you need all your tools at your disposal. With this uber-strong magnetic wall strip by Randy & Travis Machinery, you'll have everything you need to create mouth-watering gourmet meals right at your fingertips. With its powerful magnetic power, it holds..
Deal: NZ$109.95
38cm XL Pizza & Baking Stone for BBQ/Oven/Grill
This pizza stone may be the best pizza stone you will ever use as it extremely heavy duty and weighs in at about 2.7kg.  With an extremely large diameter of 38cm and 1.1cm thickness, it's perfect for BBQ grills and oven use too, but make sure your oven can handle a stone this large! Enjoy epic fu..
Deal: NZ$131.95
Metal Dish Drying Rack Drainboard Holder Tray Kitchen Plates Cutlery Wood Handle
Finally, a dish drying rack that adds a touch of class to your kitchen! This unique dish drying rack by Randy & Travis Machinery features a streamlined design accented with wooden handles, giving your kitchen a clean, Nordic vibe. With its easily movable cutlery holder, you can stack dishes more eff..
Deal NZ$163.97 (Was NZ$153.95)
20L Deluxe Mop Wringer Bucket Side Press Janitor Commercial Cleaning
If you need a sturdy mop bucket to clean your place of business or your home, try this fine commercial-quality cleaning mop bucket with a built-in wringer from Randy & Travis Machinery. Holding 20 litres, this mini-bucket is easy to manoeuvre around the areas you need to clean. Unlike a regular c..
Deal: NZ$200.95
2x 15L Pull Out Trash Bin Dual Kitchen Garbage Waste Basket Cabinet Bin
If you recycle (and who doesn't, these days?), you need this dual pull-out kitchen rubbish bin from Randy & Travis Machinery. It fits right under your under-sink cabinet, keeping your rubbish disposal system out of sight. Crafted from durable, heavy-duty plastic and steel slide rails, this waste dis..
Deal: NZ$300.95
Kitchen Double Slide Pull Out Bin for Garbage Rubbish Waste 2X20L
If keeping rubbish under control is on your to-do list for the next year, don't wait for the New Year's bells to ring to start. Begin your home organisation plan with this convenient double rubbish pull-out bin by Randy & Travis Machinery. This handy organiser slips under your sink or inside a ca..
Deal: NZ$311.95
Kitchen Swing Pull Out Bin Stainless Steel Garbage Rubbish Waste Trash Can 14L
If you're like most Australians, you want to keep your kitchen rubbish bin out of sight. Avoid embarrassing odours and a messy look when you hide your rubbish away in style with this stainless steel dustbin by Randy & Travis Machinery. Its sleek, streamlined design looks pretty enough to display, bu..
Deal: NZ$182.95
24pcs Stainless Steel Cutlery Set Rainbow Fork Knife Spoon Family Tea Cafe Dinner
Put some colour on your dinner table with this shimmery set of cutlery by Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from rainbow-hued stainless steel, this 24-piece set makes a colourful addition to your tablescape. And, if you have some kiddos who are a little picky when it comes to eating, having a rainbo..
Deal: NZ$130.95
100x Food Vacuum Bags Pouch Foil Aluminum Storage Bags Heat Seal 30x40cm
There's nothing more disappointing than to open a bag of food and find out that it's gone stale. Preserve the freshness of your favourite foods with these Mylar sealer bags by Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from Mylar with aluminium foil laminate, these bags are fantastic insulators and have an e..
Deal: NZ$137.95
32 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set Knives Fork Spoon Teaspoon
This gleaming utensil set will bring beauty and utility to your dining room table! Replace your hodge-podge drawer of utensils with a brand new complete utensil set that will sparkle on your dining room table. The new utensils will not only enhance your table setting it will make your food taste ..
Deal: NZ$124.95
Double Burger Press Hamburger Maker Non Stick Aluminium Beef Patty Meat BBQ
When it's time to barbecue, the burger reigns supreme. But it's such a challenge to get them just right. Frayed edges that fall into the fire, uneven thickness that causes one part of your burger to cook up rare and the other side almost burnt – the list of burger faux pas is long. Here's your solut..
Deal: NZ$95.95