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Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 180cm
Life Size Human Skeleton Model Description: Any student of anatomy from beginner to physician will benefit from owning this adult life-sized Human Skeleton. It is widely used by medical professionals, teachers and artists alike. This articulated adult-sized skeleton is perfect for teaching ..
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Pine Wood Easel Artist Art Display Painting Shop Tripod Stand Wedding
Have an artist in the house? Then you'll want to have one of these fine pinewood artist's easels from Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect for either painting or displaying the final work, this easel features a sturdy tripod stand for solid support. Adjustable and portable, this lightweight yet stur..
Deal: NZ$102.95
Tabletop Easel Wood Studio H-Frame Artist Art Display Painting Shop Tripod Stand Wedding
If you have a small studio, or if you're a beginning artist, this small tabletop H-frame easel by Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect choice. Only 73cm tall, this easel works well in classroom settings as well as in your home. Once you've finished your masterpiece, you might want to buy anoth..
Deal: NZ$121.95
Life Size Flexible Vertebral Spine Pelvis & Femur Skeleton Model Anatomy Model
Science and biology teachers, human anatomy and physiology professors, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, physical trainers, and chiropractors all need visual aids to teach their students and patients about how the human body works and how to avoid injury to bones and joints. With this life-size ..
Deal: NZ$196.95
Anatomical 85cm Tall Human Skeleton with Flexible Spine Model - Medical Anatomy
Perfect for teaching biology classes or university anatomy and physiology courses, this anatomically correct model of a human male skeleton from Randy & Travis Machinery is a great teaching tool. Its flexible spine and limbs give it lifelike movement capabilities, making it a fantastic way to teach ..
Deal: NZ$165.95
Life Size Anatomical Deluxe Human Skull Model Medical Skeleton Anatomy Replica
The human skull is one of the most amazing creations in nature. Tough as can be to protect the delicate tissues of the brain, it houses the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears – all the organs humans use to communicate with each other and interact with the world. Studying the human skull is essential for me..
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Life Size Foot Joint Anatomical Model Skeleton
This life-size anatomical model is an ideal visual teaching aid. This life-size, anatomically correct human foot is designed as a visual aid for teachers of physiology, podiatry and anatomy. Using this model will assist teachers in helping students learn and understand the morphology and const..
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Baby Kids Play Mat Floor Rug 200x180x2CM Nontoxic Picnic Cushion Crawling
Let your kids learn while they play with this cushioned play mat from Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect for babies as they learn to crawl and walk, this colourful mat will cushion inevitable falls. Take it along on picnics or beach outings so your kids will have a comfortable, familiar area to play ..
Deal: NZ$380.95
5 pack of 20x30cm Artist Blank Stretched Canvas Canvases Art Large White Range Oil Acrylic Wood
If you're a painter – whether professional or amateur – you'll love this five-piece grouping of pre-primed stretched canvases from Randy & Travis Machinery. Primed with triple-acrylic gesso, these blank canvases await your next moment of inspiration. Made from 100 per cent pure cotton artists' canva..
Deal: NZ$96.95
Human Anatomical Muscular Model Muscle System
Educators who teach anatomy will find this human muscle model invaluable. This anatomically correct muscular system skeleton will prove to be a great visual aid for educators who teach physiology and anatomy. The model will help students learn about the muscle system as well as the major internal..
Deal: NZ$350.95
Anatomical Human Patient Care Manikin Model
This human manikin is a great plus for teaching nurses and emergency technicians in caring for patients.  It's always better to show and tell than just to tell. This life-size patient care manikin model will be a visual and hands-on aid to the classroom teacher and a great learning tool for the s..
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5 pack of 50x60cm Artist Blank Stretched Canvas Canvases Art Large White Range Oil Acrylic Wood
If you have an artist in your life – or if you're someone who loves to paint – this five-piece collection of blank stretched canvases from Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect choice. Crafted from 100 per cent pure cotton artists' canvas inside a timber frame, this stretched frame provides you wi..
Out of Stock: NZ$176.95