Which Pull down Attic Ladder is best for your home?

Attic and loft conversions are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It may be that people are discovering new ways to make the most of having a smaller living space, or that more technology is making them much more readily available.

Whatever you choose to do with your loft or attic – converted or likewise – you’re going to need a set of pull-down attic ladders to access it.


Gazebos and marquees: Choosing between Pop-up and Full Assembly

Gazebos and marquees are technically the same product, and it’s one that is the perfect solution for parties, BBQs, sporting events, camping, corporate events, markets, fairs, festivals... pretty much anything that may require you to avoid unpleasant weather at some point in time.

Seeing as summer is on the way, there’s no better time to get purchasing a gazebo/marquee.


Bed Frame Buying Guide: What to look for in a bed frame

Bed frames are one of the most underrated parts of the bedroom. We don’t tend to think about them much, but without them, we would struggle to clean underneath and around our beds, would have a mattress that was a breeding ground for bacteria and dust, and would be more likely to wake up in the middle of the night with a spider next to our face!

With all of this in mind, we think deciding whether or not to purchase a bed frame is a bit of a no-brainer.


Bar Stool Buying Guide – How to choose the right bar stool

Bar stools are always a welcome addition to the likes of kitchens, games rooms and outdoor areas. However, going out and buying some isn’t always the right thing to do. Instead, there are a few things that you should consider – no matter how prepared you think you are.

To ensure that you have a new set of bar stools in your home as soon as possible, you may benefit from our handy little buying guide, detailing a few things to think about before you get shopping.
In no particular order, here are a few things you may want to ponder when buying bar stools.


Hardcase vs. Softcase luggage: Which is the best for you?

If you are planning a holiday, you may be thinking about investing in a new set of luggage cases. Although sets can last for years and can be passed between family and friends, they do eventually show signs of ageing and need to be replaced.

At FactoryFast, we offer a wide selection of luggage cases for every need, but we know that choosing the right set can be a difficult task. Below, we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of both sets so you can make the right decision.


Mattress Buying Guide – What to look for in a mattress

Did you know that the average human will spend about a third of their life asleep or in bed? With this in mind, we think it’s fair to say that purchasing the perfect mattress for your needs is crucial.

To get you closer to having the best night’s sleep of your life, we’ve devised this handy little mattress buying guide- although we must advise that the ideal mattress for you may vary depending on personal preferences, health conditions, or various other factors.


What to look for in a TV Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a new wall mount for your television, it can be sometimes difficult to work out exactly the right one for your needs and budget, and, of course, one that’s right for your television.

Comfort and safety are equally important factors to bear in mind, so it’s always sensible to check you’re using the right type of mount for the size and weight of your television unit. However, there are other factors to consider, too. At FactoryFast, we offer a wide selection of TV wall mounts, so we’ve devised this handy list full of information on how to choose the right wall mount for you.


Choosing a costume for a party

Costume parties may seem to decrease in frequency as you get older, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put in a bit of effort when one does arise!

If only choosing a costume were that easy, though. You could just pull out the same thing you wear to every party, or make a rushed last-minute costume out of things in your wardrobe and kitchen drawers. Or, you could buy the perfect costume that’ll last you for several parties – that is if the same guests aren’t attending!

So – how does one choose the perfect costume?


Choosing a shower screen

As you’ll most likely know already, shower screens are practically a bathroom essential – ensuring that the rest of your bathroom doesn’t get flooded – or at least, splattered with water - whilst you shower.

Practical benefits aside, shower screens can also serve an aesthetic purpose, dramatically changing the look of your bathroom. As the shower or shower/bath combo tend to be the main focal point of the bathroom, it’s important that you take your time to choose a shower screen that looks good, and does good.


Benefits of installing a sliding door

Sliding doors have come a long way since their invention in the first century. Now available in a wide array of materials, styles, and sliding mechanisms, these doors have become a common sight in most homes today. One thing that isn’t so common, though, is the knowledge in how easy it is to install them into your home.

If you’re having a hard time deciding if you should invest in one or not, we do hope that this list of just some of the benefits sways you.


Choosing the perfect kitchen or laundry sink

Kitchen and laundry sinks are an essential. Without them, where would we wash our hands, wash dishes, and wash our clothes, amongst other tasks?!

Using one is easy – it’s just choosing one to buy that can prove to be a difficult task! Thankfully, help is at hand. If you feel as though your kitchen and laundry room sink is due an upgrade, have a quick read of our buying guide below – you’ll be washing, cooking, and cleaning your dream kitchen and laundry room in no time at all!


Choosing the right basin for your bathroom

Without a basin, practically every bathroom in existence would be useless. Where would we wash our hands and clean our teeth?!

Imagining the world without basins aside, ensuring you have one that perfectly suits your bathroom is essential. If you’re feeling a bit stuck for choice when it comes to purchasing your new basin (and we can’t say we blame you, there's tonnes of choice out there!)

To help you get one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams, here’s our handy basin buying guide.


Choosing an outdoor awning

The weather has been glorious lately, and we can't say that we blame you for wanting to make the most out of the outdoors. However - there are going to be times when the weather isn't exactly 100% as you'd like it. It may be that it's just that little bit too sunny, is raining despite being warm, or anything inbetween.

If this is sounding familiar to you, it may be time to purchase an awning. An awning is a form of secondary covering which is attached to a building, which acts as a shade. They're often found over doors or windows, or can sometimes stretch across a full wall.


Properly cleaning and caring for your BBQ hot plates

When the sun comes out, it often brings with it an increase of trips to the beach, sales of suntan lotion rising, and an astounding amount of ice cream vans roaming the streets.It also calls for one of this country’s favourite past times – a good old-fashioned BBQ.

You don’t have to have the latest model on the market at your disposal, or have to have the greatest cooking skills – all you need is a reliable BBQ, a few good friends and family, and some food.

One of the things that can turn a BBQ from a delectable delight to a disaster, mind, is the hot plates which you use with your trusty old BBQ – it is the main thing that helps to correctly cook your food, after all. Hence, here are some of our top tips on how to correctly clean and care for your BBQ’s hot plate, starting with a rather obvious one.


The benefits of a glass splashback in your kitchen

Although it may not exactly be the most exciting thing in the world, having a glass splashback in your kitchen comes with many benefits that you wouldn't get without one.

First of all, we'll take a quick look at just what a splashback is, for those of you who aren't sure.


What to look for in an outdoor children's sandpit

Sandpits are one of the most-loved children’s toys that are available on the market, and can be found in homes with young children all across the world. Seeing as summer is upon us, we see no better time for you to purchase a sandpit for your child if you’ve been considering doing so.

Because of the frequent trips that your child will inevitably make to their sandpit when you purchase one, we believe that it’s in your best interest to buy one of the highest possible quality. If you haven’t purchased one before, it can be difficult to establish what a good-quality sandpit should include.

To get you one step closer to purchasing the sandpit of your child’s dreams, we thought it wise to devise a handy little guide regarding what you should look for in a children’s outdoor sandpit.


Best uses of a mobile scaffold around the house

Although it may seem like a bit of an odd thing to purchase for some, a mobile scaffold can actually prove to be a very handy item to have at your disposal. They make a great alternative to ladders and stepladders, which most people find to be unsteady, too much of a hassle to use, or difficult to store in the home.

On the flipside of things, portable scaffolds are sturdy, easy to use and adjust, and are compact when compared to an excessively tall ladder – most of the height of which you won’t even use.

If you’re struggling to think of what you would use it for, you would be surprised at just how much you can get done with one!


Stylish uses of modular storage shelving in your home or office

Although it may sound incredibly high tech, modular storage shelving couldn’t be further from it. Modular shelving is essentially shelving that can be moved around to suit your needs - think of it as shelving building blocks.

It may be a bit of an odd concept to get your head around, but once you take a look at some the uses that you could get from our modular storage shelving, you’ll be dying to get some of your own.


Choosing between a swing gate vs a sliding gate for your home

It may not exactly be one of the most pressing decisions you have to make in your life, but there are still some factors you should consider when it comes to choosing between a swing gate and a sliding gate for your home.

Concerned about space? If space is an issue for you, a sliding gate will most likely be your best bet. Swing gates will take up much more space due to the fact that they swing outwards/inwards, whilst sliding gates will take up very little space. A sliding gate may also be a wiser option if you’re worried about scratching cars or other nearby objects, for example.

After something more modern? As a whole, sliding gates tend to look a lot more contemporary and streamlined than their swinging cousins. Depending on the sort of look you’re after when it comes to your home and garden, we would say that swinging gates tend to suit more traditional styles, whilst sliding ones look a lot more chic and sleek.

Our advice is just a guide though – choose whichever gate you feel as though makes your home look good!


Buying Guide: Choosing a bathroom basin

A bathroom wouldn’t really be much good without having a basin in, would it? They’re essential for hygiene, but can also play a massive part in improving the aesthetic value of your bathroom, too.

However, buying one isn’t as easy as just going out and selecting a pretty one that you like – if it was, people would change their basin every other week.

Regardless of if it’s your first or fiftieth time purchasing a basin for your bathroom, we have rounded up some top tips for selecting the perfect basin for your needs.


Renovating a Bathroom: Choosing Taps and Fixtures

Renovating a bathroom is no easy task and it could easily cost a small fortune! Make sure you’re ready before you start to tear up the place – there are a lot of materials online from professional advice to do it yourself videos, so do the research first.

Professional plumbing issues aside, one major concern is choosing the right taps and fixtures from the hundreds of available products that vary in style and design, functionality, price and quality. How do you narrow down your choices?


Small Space Solutions: Accommodating Guests

Having overnight guests? Although sleeping on the couch for the night may do the trick for close friends and relatives, it would be better if you had some guest space prepared in your home especially if you’re expecting company.

Setting up some guest space doesn’t have to be too expensive. Guests don’t really expect you to have a room that would rival a hotel suite; most would be more than thankful for bit of privacy and a comfortable bed to sleep on.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Massage Chair

Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial for relieving tension and alleviating back pain, but finding an available licensed therapist may not always be easy – hence the popularity of massage chairs.

How does it work?

At its most basic level, massage chairs are designed to mimic and combine the most effective techniques of Shiatsu and Swedish massages. The nodes and rollers that are powered by motors, give you the pressing, sweeping, rolling and rotating movements of a Shiatsu massage. The long gliding strokes and kneading motions are characteristic of a Swedish massage. These movement patterns are pre-programed into the massage chair. Almost all massage chairs have sensors that measure pressure on the seatback to allow the chair to automatically conform to the user’s weight, height and width, to deliver a fairly spot on massage.

Which is the best massage chair?


Choosing the Right Headboard for your Bed

Does a bed need a headboard? Not really, but having a headboard definitely adds style and functionality to a bed.

There are lots headboards available online for you to choose from. Let’s try to narrow down your options so you end up with the best possible headboard.

Why do you want a headboard?


Frameless Glass Pool Fence Buying Guide: Choosing your Spigots

A frameless glass fence is an ideal solution to keeping the pool safe while maintaining a continuous view of the entire outdoor area. Frameless glass fences are gaining popularity due to lower costs and the ease of installation – you could do it yourself if you are so inclined, to save on professional construction fees. All that is required are glass panels and spigots. A spigot is a metal peg anchored to the ground while allowing the glass panel to be suspended slightly above ground. Properly installed, the spigots hold the fence securely in place without the need for posts or frames.


Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Having a place in the heart of the city has its advantages – your job, schools, shops and amenities - everything is practically just a block away! There’s one major trade-off though: Space. Living space has shrunk over the past few years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a city home that has a floor space bigger than 50 square meters; especially when you’re on a budget. Studio style and loft apartments can even be as small as 24-30 square meters so, sometimes it feels like you can never fit everything you need without your place, and your bedroom, looking like a cupboard!

Designing a small bedroom can be challenging but there are lots of possibilities. The trick is in finding ways to have smarter space by using every inch available efficiently and aesthetically. It has to look good! Here are some ideas you can try...


Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying Pet Accessories

Having a pet is a joy. The unconditional love and loyalty we get from our fur babies is just priceless! It is also a big responsibility because pets depend on their humans for all of their needs. Not just food, water and shelter. Just like people, pets also need to feel safe, healthy and happy. With all the pet products and accessories out in the market, it can sometimes feel like a real challenge to determine what is necessary or appropriate. Keep in mind that while the products are for pets, most of these were designed to appeal to the pet owners’ preferences. Please don’t buy something just because it looks nice and cute to you!


Guide in Buying Home Exercise Equipment

Getting some home exercise equipment has definite advantages. You can always squeeze in a 5-10-minute workout without the inconvenience of commuting or driving out to the gym. And rain or shine, you get to exercise when you want to. No excuses!


DIY Home Improvement: Knowing What It Takes to Do It Right

The phrase “There’s room for improvement” has never been truer than for most households today. Leaky faucets, creaking floorboards, uneven shelves and inefficient storage spaces are only a few of the issues that plague our homes, and while it’s easy to dismiss them, the effect that they have on your day to day life is larger than you’d think.


Handling Tempered Glass Properly

When it comes to home improvement, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across tempered glass. A stronger, safer version of regular glass that’s built to take some hits, and when it actually does shatter, it forms small, granular pieces in order to avoid injuring anybody around it. Designed to withstand temperature changes as well, you’ll often find glass like this used in showers, balconies, and cars everywhere.


When to DIY and When to Call a Professional

The decision to start a home DIY project is often difficult to make, with so many factors influencing your thoughts, such as truly understanding the difference between simple projects such as assembling or making your own shelves and larger, more difficult ones like renovating your bathroom, but when push comes to shove, we’re here to help you make that decision!